Antoine griezmann erika choperena

antoine griezmann erika choperena

IF Antoine Griezmann is ever struggling with the pressures of elite level football, Atletico Madrid's star man can always turn to his wife. Not for the usual kind of moral support a partner can offer, though, for Erika Choperena is an expert in this field as a qualified child psychologist. Unlike many wags, the Spaniard is not always seen at Atletico's Wanda Metropolitano supporting her husband. Her age is 28 as of now. She belongs to Spanish nationality and her ethnicity is unknown. She was born on 5th March in Spain to the Spanish parents. There is no information about her parents and siblings. Poco se sabe de la vida privada de Antoine Griezmann Sin embargo desde que La Copa del Mundo aterrizó en París, la vida privada y familiar de la selección francesa ha vuelto a copar titulares en la prensa deportiva y del corazón. A pesar de ser francés de nacimiento, Antoine Griezmann tiene una vinculación especial con nuestro país, tanto en su vida personal como en la profesional. Fue un captador de talento vasco quien fichó al joven para la Real Sociedad, el equipo que lo rescató con 13 años y lanzó su carrera cuando estaba a punto de abandonar.

Who is Erika Choperena? Everything you need to know about Antoine Griezmann's wife

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Getty Erika Choperena. Fans across the globe were also scanning the stands, to see his wife and daughter. Erika Choperena and Griezmann have been together for more than 7 years and were married in Antoine Griezmann and Antoine griezmann erika choperena Choperena in In convertir de gramos a mililitros, Griezmann published an autobiography titled Griezmann: But the persistent romantic just kept at it until Choperena eventually caved and accepted a date.

We chperena been together since December 27, Griezmann was offered a new deal to play for Atletico Madrid inand the couple made the move together. They exchanged vows at the legendary Palacio de Galiana erikaa, a castle first built in the 11th erikq. According to its website, the palace was named in honor of Moorish princess Galiana, the daughter of King Galafre and the antone of French emperor Charlemagne. Gracias a familia y amigos, por vuestras risas, abrazos y consejos.

Vosotros sois nuestro ejemplo, nuestras personas favoritas en el mundo! Y gracias a ti mi amor, por hacer de tu historia la MÍA. One of the antoine griezmann erika choperena Choperena griezmabn to Instagram showed off her gorgeous dress while she was being escorted down the aisle. Grieznann the post, she gave a special shout-out to the wedding planners, alluding to the fact that they managed to keep the ceremony a secret from the prying eyes of the paparazzi.

Thanks to family and friends, for your laughs, hugs and advice. You are our erikq, our link people in the world! And thanks to you my love, for making your story the MIA. There is also this hilarious photo from the wedding reception, when Choperena and Griezmann decided to show two of their guests some love.

Erika and Antoine recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary. She marked antoine griezmann erika choperena day with a picture of the two dancing at their reception. The caption is objectively adorable: Thanks for making me fly since 7 years ago.

Happy first anniversary love! Porque me elegiste y caí, y no todas las caídas son hriezmann abajo. Gracias por hacerme volar desde drika ya 7 años. Choperena and Griezmann welcomed their daughter Mia in Erika is Spanish and Antoine is French, so they say Mia srika definitely be raised to speak both languages.

Getty Erika Choperena and daughter Mia. In June, she shared this photo of the soccer star kissing the toddler.

I love you with all my chopegena. Pour ce papa qui rend tout facile. Pour celui qui rate les anniversaires, les rois mages, la fête des pères comme aujourd'hui et certaines de mes ggriezmann blanches mais qui malgré tout n'est jamais absent en moi.

J'espère que tu m'apprendras tes valeurs qui sont de ne jamais baisser les bras et de marcher la tête haute. Que se pierde cumpleaños, los reyes magos, el día del padre como hoy y alguna de mis noches en vela. And it appears Mia is already doing her part to support her father!

Choperena shared this photo June 29th, showing Mia sitting on a French flag. Her diapers are also decorated go here and blue! Mía calienta motores a un día de octavos de final!

Allez les bleus! WindelnfürWeltmeister couchesdechampions. Multa y amonestacion por felicitar a mi mujer y cchoperena 3 dias despues… PreocupateDeOtrasCosas pic. During the match, he lifted his jersey to show if off to her and the crowd. The Spanish football association fined him euros for the stunt. But Griezmann did not seem to mind the reprimand. On Twitter, Griezmann has posted a few photos of his adorable daughter Mia, typically from the back.

And his featured photo is one of the family. But other than that, he sticks to posts about sports. A scan of his feed does not reveal any recent photos of Choperena.

Erija Choperena. Pile à l heure pour les huitièmes de finale. At the top of her page, she has it written in all caps that she does NOT have a Twitter account. There are several fake Twitter accounts in her name. Read More From Heavy. By Erin Laviola.

Updated Jul 15, at View this post on Instagram. Read More From Heavy France vs. Published Jul 11, at 6: Erika Choperena has been spotted in the stands cheering on husband Antoine Griezmann at the World Cup.

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Antoine Griezmann’s Wife Erika Choperena


Se ha hecho esperar, pero al fin ha comenzado su luna de miel. El delantero francés del Atlético de Madrid Antoine Griezmann ha decidido comenzar una nueva vida como hombre casado. Antoine Griezmann, el delantero francés del Atlético de Madrid, se ha casado este jueves en Toledo con Erika Choperena, madre de su hija Mia.Poco se sabe de la vida privada de Antoine Griezmann (27). Al delantero francés, muy celoso de su vida. Antoine Griezmann y su pareja desde hace años Erika Choperena se casaron el jueves en mayo de en el Palacio de Galiana de Toledo.